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Chatroulette DIY - 50 lines of code

A couple of months ago, I invited everyone to a webinar about p2p in Flash, but I did it too late, so surely a large number of people who didn’t want it. The most valuable thing I learned from this seminar is that it is very easy to make peer-to-peer applications in Flash. True, the very hands did not reach this very long.

But just yesterday, my hands very much itched, and after sitting for the night, I figured out how the p2p technology works in Flash. It seemed to me a little to connect the video streams of two flash-clients, so I decided to do something more interesting:
  1. The user opens the page
  2. Selects a topic for conversation (one of the posts on the main browser)
  3. Talking to everyone who has chosen the same topic.

Made. Here is my example of a video conference , the source code of the client and server can be downloaded from here . The minimum requirements for an example are the presence of Flash Player 10 and a webcam.

UPD: All this stuff is hosted on AppEngine, free quotas may end and everything will stop working. I threw a client on narod.ru. If it doesn't work, come here.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103427/

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