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Optimization of technical support. User karma

The main idea is to enable technical support operators to leave a rating to the user.
This opens up opportunities for optimizing the work and speeding up the service of calls.

Many among us are technical experts and are ready to quickly and clearly formulate a question or report an error in detail. But most often we are forced to go through all the stages of contacting the support service.

We are all accustomed to the fact that many companies are asking to evaluate the work of technical support specialists after the end of a conversation. But what if the operator will also give a rating? Let's leave aside for the moment the competence of the operators themselves and see what possibilities the system allows it.

To begin with, we need two assessments - technical literacy and temperament (character?).

We increase the accuracy and speed of processing, as well as improve the effectiveness of feedback

So, if a user has a high rating on the technical literacy scale, then after he introduces himself to the system (telephone) he will automatically be asked if he needs a regular menu, a specific one, or an operator right away?
If this is a web request, then the system will probably recognize the user itself and be able to send his message directly to the highest level specialists or to the necessary department, which he indicated. options available from a certain level.

With this approach, complex treatment immediately bypass the lower levels and arrive at the processing of the relevant specialist.
And our feedbacks do not disappear among the first level of support, which they are often completely unnecessary and which most often do not care much about the development of the company's services.

We reduce the burden on the operator

Evaluation of temperament will allow you to evenly distribute the load on operators. And also to stimulate the work, since with good performance the operator can send more calls from quiet subscribers.

Reducing the number of user transfers by operators will also speed up and simplify the whole kitchen.

Higher quality and speed, less cost

Acceleration of work allows you to reduce costs and maintain a smaller number of staff, while providing an opportunity to invest more in their training and equipment.

In such systems, first of all, need companies that have a huge subscriber base. And especially those who work with IT. Providers, mobile operators, large Internet companies.

I have not yet met such a system, although I have dealt with the support services of many large companies both in Russia and abroad.
I am surprised that such systems are still not widespread.

Maybe they are not even yet?

I have been waiting for these systems for several years now, and now I have the opportunity to share this idea here with those who may also be waiting for their appearance or may affect their implementation or creation.

Then you can discuss the principles of calculating ratings, depending on the competence of the operator and his status in the company, the parameters of the user assessment, but this is all clarification.

What do you think, who already has such a system or when can we expect such systems to appear?

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