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Vkontakte launches widget for commenting on third-party sites

what openly declares .

But the post is not about that. And about the direction in which social networks are developing - I mean Vkontakte and Facebook. As an illustration, one of the stated advantages of the new feature:

Virus Each comment posted by VKontakte is automatically transmitted to the page of the person who commented on, as his friends will find out, who will be able to join the discussion. In turn, their friends will be notified about their comments - and so on. Further information about the material can spread like an avalanche, providing great resonance.

Vkontakte goes to what we already see on Facebook: opening the home page, the user stumbles upon an avalanche of information about what and where someone of his friends wrote / uploaded. At the same time, we do not forget that the majority of our “friends” are not really friends, but rather a telephone book entry. I don't want to lose contacts, but how cool this person rested in nature is somehow not interesting.
And now I will add here an example drawn from this presentation. A certain Sally - quite an adult woman - has quite adult friends. And as a hobby, she teaches music lessons to children. And those and those in her friends. And now imagine a situation: her friend has filled a photo in which he is drunk in the trash annealed in a gay bar. Photo cool, what Sally and writes in the comments. And guess what happens? Through a friendly connection, a photo of a drunken man, annealing in a gay bar, gets straight into the tape of singing children. Did Sally want this? Hardly. She just did not even think about it.

The basic idea is that in reality we do not have a common pile of friends or acquaintances. Each of us communicates with several different communities with different interests, and these communities are far from always suspect that each other exists. Not everyone wants to constantly shout to the whole world about what he reads and what he writes in response. The target community will understand, the rest may not understand, with individuals in general it can be embarrassing. And social networks just do everything in order to establish as many connections as possible, in order to acquaint as many singing children as possible with drunk men from the gay bar. Somehow this is ... wrong.

PS: in no way did I want to insult the drinking men, gays and drinking gays.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103415/

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