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Ubuntu 10.10 Beta

After the third alpha, a lot of changes really happened. Download links can be found at the end, but for now some screenshots.

(Based on the review “OMG! Ubuntu”, which, by the way, is now difficult to access due to DNS problems)



The main theme of Ubuntu has been improved for Maverick, it has softened gradients, added animations, beautiful buttons and much more.


The main Humanity icon set now includes new directional buttons and toolbar buttons, a house icon, and icons for various devices, such as iPod touch, Motorola Droid, and even for a hard drive.


You expect 17 new wallpapers. Quality this time is indisputable - from beautiful landscapes to abstract images and architecture.

Sound menu

The new sound menu has lost some of the functionality that was originally introduced (for example, support for playlists), but it fixed buttons, reduced the font size to reproduce information about the information track, etc.

Application Center

A paid programs section has appeared in the Application Center and the Where is it? Feature has been implemented to locate programs after installation.


The installer now not only looks better, it reduces the number of steps.

He already installs the system while you fill out personal information! He offers to immediately download updates during installation! And ... he suggests installing support for multimedia playback! Sorry for the three exclamation marks, but in my opinion, this is an example of changes that really improve usability.

Ubuntu netbook edition

Ubuntu Netbook Edition users will notice a ton of improvements to the new Unity interface when upgrading to beta.

New Dash browser for files and applications, many new icons, improved theme, enabled by default AppMenu and netbook-optimized interfaces Evolution and Banshee.

Download Ubuntu 10.10 Beta


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