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Google Chrome celebrates the second anniversary, or we meet Chrome 6!

Exactly two years ago (September 2, 2008), the first public beta version of Google Chrome browser saw the light. And the day before (September 1, 2008), Google published a 38-page comic strip , which told how developers see the browser of the future. It was in this comic book that we first saw tabs in the window title, isolated tabs and plugins processes, as well as many other things that have become commonplace in many browsers today. I can’t even believe that only two years have passed, because today the sixth version of Google Chrome has been released in Stable and Beta channels for Windows, Mac and Linux (build 6.0.472.53).

During this time, Google Chrome has grown into three main platforms, it has added support for extensions, themes, syncing almost everything, HTML5 support has greatly expanded, and the performance of the Javascript engine has increased three times compared to the first version. In August, the share of Google Chrome in the browser market reached 7.5%.

Google Chrome 6 - what's new?

In the new version of the already minimalistic interface, it has been redesigned in the direction of even greater relief: one menu instead of two, the button and omnibox strokes have been removed, the address has been simplified (goodbye http!) Naturally, HTML5 support has been greatly improved.

Major innovations:
Meanwhile, in the Canary build, the seventh Google Chrome branch is already being actively tested. In this version, we can expect even greater performance gains due to the upcoming support for hardware acceleration . By the way, if you consider that Google seeks to release new stable versions of Chrome every six weeks , then this acceleration will probably appear in it much earlier than Internet Explorer 9 comes out.


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