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Summer update

“How I spent my summer” is a traditional theme of school composition in Russia and other countries. Despite the fact that all the developers of Habrahabr have long left the school bench, we consider it necessary to talk about how we spent the summer working on improving the site engine. So, first things first.

Questions and Answers (Q & A)

The service that allows users to ask questions and receive answers by choosing the most correct ones has long been suggested, based on the subject matter of the site. Considering the wishes of users and the features of Habrahabr, we did not reinvent the wheel and made a section that resembles Stackoverflow.com service popular among developers. The principle of the service to the disgrace simple: users ask questions; others post responses and leave comments. If the author did not quite accurately formulate the question, it can be clarified.

For questions and answers you can vote. The author of a question can choose the correct answer and mark it among others with a special flag. Questions and answers can be assessed within 3 days from the date of publication. Upon expiration of the voting stops.

The publication of questions is available on a separate page (the classic “write” button on the main page of the section) to all users with a karma> = 0. All users can post answers, comments and clarifications without any restrictions.

Personal blogs

According to statistics, posts in personal blogs are minus most often. This is largely due to the fact that personal blogs are usually used by beginners who do not have enough karma to publish posts in the thematic blogs. In fact, a post to a personal blog was the only opportunity for the community to express itself and pump karma to a more or less comfortable threshold (or drop to values ​​close to the average daily temperature in Novosibirsk somewhere in mid-February). With the introduction of Q & A, we can afford to abandon personal blogs, closing the only opportunity to quickly pump karma by posting posts, but giving another in return: all users with positive karma can publish questions in Q & A ; There are no restrictions on publishing answers.

Previously published posts in personal blogs have not gone away, they have been moved to a separate thematic blog “Personal blogs” (oftopik) and are available for viewing and commenting.

But what about the posts from the Sandbox?

All right Previously, the post from the Sandbox could be published only in a personal blog and, if the necessary karma was achieved, the author could transfer the post to a suitable thematic blog. We took into account this moment and provided an opportunity to post from the Sandbox to be published in a special blog - "Sandbox" . Thus, the happy owners of invites can publish their first post, for which an invite was received, in a thematic blog - even with zero karma. In the other thematic blogs such a post can not be published, it has a mandate to publish only in the blog "Sandbox".

Anything else?

What's next?

We plan to rewrite the section "Work" , highlighting it in a special application. Another application is the “Events in IT” service, which will allow event organizers to more effectively interact with the audience of the resource.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103389/

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