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The long-awaited Ctrl + R for Pidgin

Some time ago, having tried many ICQ clients, I finally switched to Pidgin, which I am still very happy about.
Immediately after digging out all possible and impossible plug-ins, I never found a simple but infinitely convenient plug-in, which by pressing the Ctrl + R button did what? Ghfdbkmyj! Right! Would translate gibberies typed in the wrong layout into digestible text.

And what does every self-respecting geek do in such a case? .. And it’s right again! I wrote a new plugin.

So meet. Wrong Layout.
It works simply: when you press the Ctrl + R keyboard shortcut in the text entry field, all typed text (or selected, if there is one) is transferred from the English layout to Russian or vice versa, depending on what is written.

You can download the link . Laid out on the launchpad because the Quote Text plugin was posted there, which was gutted for the sake of understanding how plugins are written in general. If someone tells you the best place for him, I will gladly arrange it.
Comments and suggestions for extending the functionality are welcome (for example, I am thinking about adding Ctrl + T functionality for transliteration).

UPD. Linux users, I remember about you and in the near future I will try to set up the environment and compile, but for now your attention is the instruction from esten (thanks!).

UPD. Stay tuned for new versions.
0.0.2 - fixed a bug due to which the Ctrl + R key combination did not work in the Russian layout.
0.0.3 - the text selected in the chat window is also translated by pressing Ctrl + R (although it is written in the input window), by the way, the uploaded version in the program will be displayed as 0.0.2, forgot to change the version

UPD. Compiled version 0.0.3 for Debian 64 and Ubuntu 386. I don’t know for sure whether this good will work for everyone or something else is needed. Check. If someone dispel my doubts or tells you what else needs to be done, I will be glad.

UPD. I collected and tested it myself on the latest version of pidgin 2.7.3. In the comments it was repeatedly mentioned that it does not work with versions 2.6.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103382/

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