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Habrahabr: some statistics and alternative top topics

I noticed that the current top habrakhabra contains a small amount of useful materials. In general, how to evaluate the material? People put a plus / minus because:
  1. Want to encourage the author for writing good topics
  2. They want to thank the author for writing short-term news / interesting pictures
  3. They want to throw out their mood on someone else's topic
It is quite obvious that such a voting system will not always encourage good topics and will not always include only good and useful articles in the top.
But each article has two other indicators: the number of people who put the article in the favorites (in short - favorites) and the number of comments. Obviously, the first indicator determines the usefulness of the article, and the second - how much the topic touched the minds of habra people.
It seemed to me that the alternative variants of the stamp would be very interesting to other people. In general, it would be nice if such a feature was made by the developers, but ...

So, I analyzed 72% of Habr's topics (the rest were closed / inaccessible / deleted) and made up an alternative top. Under the cut a couple of pictures and links to the pages of an alternative top.


For a start, a small statistics on the types of topics and placement in various types of blog:

Well, the picture that allows you to evaluate the work of everyone's favorite Alizar:


Top 20 authors by the number of written topics

  1. alizar
  2. Tyleskald
  3. julia
  4. skazala
  5. XaocCPS
  6. Mordatyj
  7. DileSoft
  8. Tigger
  9. Mio
  10. BBSoD
  11. Mithgol
  12. Shapelez
  13. Shpankov
  14. Deniskin
  15. Boomburum
  16. Sunnybear
  17. NaFigator
  18. umputun
  19. Shohurt
  20. gameboyhippo

Alternate top

So, actually an alternative top. It is presented in the form of several pages, suspiciously similar to Habr (but with a corresponding mark).If there are problems with the site, then the alternative top can be viewed by downloading the archive . Also, for particularly inquisitive, I prepared a collection of links to other articles from the top (but without names, just ID): an ordered collection of links .

* I want to say that the statistics and the top may contain incorrect data due to the following reasons: the release of the article was delayed, general technical problems .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103376/

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