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Scribd.com has become greedy

A well-known service for publishing and viewing free PDF documents, Scribd.com began to charge for access to “archived” files. A daily subscription is $ 5, and a month is $ 9. As the e-book authors themselves found out , who had the misfortune of settling on Scribd, this new feature appeared about a month ago without any notice to the authors.

All documents are transferred to the archive approximately two months after the initial publication, but Scribd has the right to do so at any time. However, the author can return the document to free access (the procedure is described here ) and even completely disable the archiving feature for its documents.

Of course, the authors do not receive any deductions from the amount collected from readers, as they did not receive anything earlier from the AdWords advertising on the site, the user agreement reads: "You are hereby grant Scribd a worldwide license ... to exploit Your User Content . " Apparently, Scribd's advertising revenue was low.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103363/

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