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Startups, experts, business angels and Startup Weekend (explanation)

Based on my recent posts and stories in different places about startups, experts, business angels and Startup Weekend: I realized that some people do not have a complete understanding of what we are doing and who we are looking for. Therefore, I decided to clarify:

1. Glavstart is looking for new ideas and projects. Glavstarta do not have their own projects. Glavstart helps projects by bringing them together with experts and investors. Site Glavstarta .

2. Experts are professional market participants who are ready to seriously help new projects: work closely with them at our events and after them. The goal of the expert is to become one of the project participants (for example, having received a 5% share for his help and participation). An expert included in a project becomes a recognized mentor of GlavStart, an expert who does not assist any projects leaves the list of Glavstart's experts.
3. Business angels - people who have a certain amount of money that they are willing to invest in projects that are in the very early stages of development, for example, formed on the results of Startup Weekend, and, as a rule, attracted experts to work on their projects. In this case, the expert acts as a guarantor of the quality of the project submitted by him. In some cases, the business angel and expert may be the same person.

4. Startup Weekend - an event where people come with their own ideas in order to find an expert and, maybe, a team to work on their project. They work for three days, after which they submit their projects to business angels.

5. The nearest weekend will be held October 1-3 in Moscow. Projects are invited (registration on Startup Weekend , experts (send applications to expert@glavstart.ru) and angels (send applications to angel@glavstart.ru).

Arkady Moreynis

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