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Whoer.net - how to get 12,000 unique visitors per day in 6 months. Part 1


For those who like to concoct a “cunning” clone, taking advantage of someone else’s experience and cutting a dough, it’s worth making a reservation right away. There is no dough here and there will not be; moreover, such sites themselves are not at all able to bring any significant amount of dough at adequate costs for them. Unless their idea is brilliant, unique and has the highest level of implementation at the same time. Such sites are similar to mobile stalls or travel agencies in large buildings, their purpose is to sell contracts or pay utility bills, which infrastructure objects many people underestimate. So, on this site, lovers of “quick money” can be done with Ctrl + w (upd. Closes the tab), everyone else who thinks and wants to learn something: you are welcome!

In the process of working on our projects dedicated to security on the Internet, we probably, like everyone, were faced with a lack of advertising and promotion of our own services. In a literal sense, this means that the cost of attracting the target audience cost us very dearly. For example, the right words in contextual advertising from Google cost from $ 0.5 to $ 3 per click, a wasteful lot for our small projects. Banner advertising on thematic and about thematic sites, although it brought quite a lot of traffic, but its envelope was terrible, for 1000 transitions, about 10 registrations and half of the client. The cost of attracting one client was obtained almost 3 times more than the monthly income from it received. Then we thought about what we are doing wrong and where we get a lot of cheap and targeted traffic. Began to scour the network in search of the right sites that generate traffic for their purchase. There were a lot of suitable sites, there are a lot of high-quality ones, there are dozens of necessary ones, and there are not one who are ready to sell for 6-8 months. Why 6-8 monthly income, dear communities will ask me? Because this is the period for which you can guaranteed to create an analogue of the same level, and the amount of payment reflects the savings of this time by us.

Sometimes you have to create something for yourself. So the idea was born of creating a whoer.net website service that does not require constant attention to itself, is very suitable for the topic and generates a stream of targeted traffic. Review of this site on Habré you can read here .


After programming, testing and debugging, which took 2 months of our programmer’s free time, we were faced with the task of attracting the masses and making it necessary for them to go to this site more often :). The fact is that the site in its extended version ( whoer.net/ext ) uses clever interactive java, flash, activex, dns checks, the code of which is not found in the public and many things had to be reached independently through the meager docks. This entailed such significant time costs.

How to attract the maximum number of visitors to the site while spending a minimum of funds? The question is the answer to which we get this:

1. With the help of Google, a list of topical forums dedicated to information security was prepared both in runet and in its English-speaking part. At one of the provincial forums, a young man was found who agreed for a small amount of money to register accounts for the entire list of links provided to him. After that we personally posted a review of our resource in all forums and carefully preserved all the links created by us in order to further support discussions about our site. Immediately make a reservation we did not intend to clog spam forums, a review of the resource was posted only where allowed by the rules of the site.

2. Considering the specifics of whoer.net, we decided that it would be advisable to place banner ads on the resources involved in providing free proxy / sock sheets and having substantial attendance from several thousand users per day. The beauty of these sites is a large amount of traffic and a bargain price for it. I have long come to the conclusion that 1,000,000 hits for a banner on seedy and related sites for $ 500-700 is more profitable than 200-1500 strictly necessary clicks from Google in terms of receiving targeted traffic in the end.

3. Review on Habré is a very important part of advertising a useful project, many have already appreciated the habra effect :). Its external manifestations are high load average and possible denial of service at the resource. Internal simply huge. We were cautious and did not know how the local community would react to such projects. Therefore, at first, they simply prepared an article on security and hiding an IP address on the Internet, in the context of mentioning our site. The number of unique transitions per day at that time doubled. Having received a lot of advantages, discussion, criticism and excellent response, we decided to write a review .

I was very pleased that he aroused a positive interest in a well-known person from a start-up movement who professionally deals with the evaluation and criticism of various projects. We also received a large amount of real feedback, and one development idea proposed by so-fab was so potentially successful, simple and logical, and the main thing for some reason did not occur to us that we immediately recorded it in todo.

Yet the real, I am not afraid of this word, the apogee, was getting into the "Website of the Day" on the Rambler. Some kind person who read about us in Habré decided to write a review about us on the Rambler. We did not expect this, more than 35k unique transitions in 1 day and more than 20k to the next, there was no limit to joy, people who won the lottery will probably experience this. If we had a wall of pride and self-importance, getting into the site of the day of the Rambler would have hung there. And the main benefit, in my opinion, is that you understand that you have done something useful and necessary, that you are on the right track. We all sometimes lack self-confidence and faith in the correctness of our actions.

And before continuing the story about successful discoveries and actions, I would immediately like to talk about the negative or that we did not bring any exhaust.

It so happened that we always underestimated the new-fangled promotion services, the matter is that the narrow specialization of the resource. Apparently this was the reason for the next bad experience.

There are a lot of projects like blogun.ru on the Internet, the essence of which boils down to the fact that someone in your popular and visited diary mentions you or writes a review, in exchange for money, of course. The amounts are different from 10 to 300 rubles for the mention, the price is determined by the number of friends, readability, activity in the comments and other "I want so much money." Perhaps I fully admit that advertising a certain portal portal, original T-shirts, spirits, or, at worst, a member enlarger will shoot, this method of promotion, but the narrowly thematic project got only a little TIC, there were few transitions. In the context of the outpouring of the soul of the regular “Yulenka” about the difficulties of living real Irenbi girls in Murmansk, the mention of something different from the enlarger member looks strange, but we could not find any strictly thematic security diaries. Again, from the point of view of search engines, a review on forums or a purchased article somewhere, looks much more impressive than all these dozens of diaries with mentions taken together. The price / quality ratio in the end turned out to be simply useless; even contextual advertising smokes nervously on the sidelines.

By the way about contextual advertising.

Yandex Direct, you need to apply skillfully and competently, and most importantly, understand where it does not belong and where it is justified. Here is a good idea to resell imported goods with a 300% markup, with the help of Direct, and whoer.net is very silly to advertise. But for the sake of experiment, you can try. The problem is not even in the price per click, it was average, but in that they didn’t click, it lasted for almost two weeks, and then somehow all sharply clicked for 1 day :) It’s not even that important, but the fact that from Yandex, about 1,000 people are gone. Just zeros. A similar story happened with the Runner, where the truth all clicked in a couple of days. Even from the worst super-mega-proxy-tyt.com we always had a large number, even Nigerians, among the regular visitors.

Strangely enough, contextual advertising from Google stands alone and its results are completely different, but this and many other things are already in the second part.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103351/

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