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Obama will sweep online registrars

According to Internet security specialist Brian Krebs, the administration of Barack Obama invites you to the three-hour meeting of the leaders of the largest domain name registrars on the Internet. The topic will be a discussion of the notorious analytical report of the company Knujon ( PDF ). That report reported that 162 Internet registrars accredited by ICANN were selling domains in violation of their own contractual obligations.

Simply put - many of them collaborate with spammers and cyber fraudsters. A special problem for the US government is the activity of the so-called Russian “pharmaceutical mafia”. The Knujon study mentions the world's largest affiliate program, GlavMed. The owners of these programs use spam to advertise their networks, and to ensure their activities - viruses and botnets.

Knujon estimates that the massive registration of domains that are used in fraudulent activities annually brings millions of dollars to registrars in the form of commissions.

According to statistics from the site LegitScript.com , which evaluates the legality of online pharmacies, there are currently more than 45,000 fraudulent sites selling drugs on the Internet in the world.
Now careless registrars will have to deal with the presidential administration.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103349/

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