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Building plugins for Qt Creator in windows

Faced a problem: how to build a plugin for Qt Creator, delivered with Qt SDK or Nokia Qt SDK, under Windows.

First we need the source code of the creeter, they are easy to find on guitarius or ftp. We pick up version 2.0.0 from there (now this is in both SDKs), unpack, put our plugin in src \ plugins. You can collect (as soon as he meets kreeitor).

Now the trick. In order for the plugin to work with the creator from the SDK, it must be compiled in the release and the MSVS2008 compiler with Qt 4.7 (beta2 or RC). Accordingly, the downloaded source of the cryer should be collected in the same way.
Actually, everything, now you can copy the plugin dll-ku and .pluginspec file to% QT_SDK_INSTALL_DIR% \ QtCreator \ lib \ qtcreator \ plugins \.

In principle, plug-ins from Qt Creator 2.0.0 will most likely work with version 2.0.1 (the last one at the moment), only in the .pluginspec file you must replace 2.0.0 with 2.0.1 everywhere.

Habratopik, who prompted me to investigate this issue

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103348/

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