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Auction for SCO assets appointed

On October 25, an auction will be held, on which the assets of the SCO Group will be exposed. The sale takes place as part of a bankruptcy case.

The SCO Group is an American company that has been developing system and application software. Previously known as Caldera Systems, she was involved in the development and implementation of her GNU / Linux distribution.

The company gained fame in wide circles because of several lawsuits against corporations, accusing them of illegally using UNIX system code. The loudest of them was the trial against IBM in 2003. SCO blamed IBM for illegally adding some SCO-owned code to the Linux kernel. In August 2007, it became known that, by court order, Novell has rights to UNIX and UnixWare, and claims by SCO are unfounded. The court also ruled that "SCO, at the request of Novell, is obliged to give up claims against IBM and other companies."

On September 5, 2007, SCO declared itself temporary bankrupt in order to protect against creditors. Later, the company tried to obtain financing and made a reorganization plan. She also appealed against the decision of the court on Novell, according to which the court annulled the previous decision. But after conducting an additional investigation, the court again recognized Novell as the copyright holder of UNIX.
As part of the reorganization, SCO planned to hold a public auction, during which the company's assets related to the mobile business and Unix OpenServer products will be put up for sale. Assets can be sold both separately and together. However, if there is no buyer for any assets, SCO planned to develop product lines on its own.

And now it became known that the company Chapter 11, which is the trustee of the SCO Group, will sell the company's assets at an auction on October 25. Last week the bankruptcy judge agreed on the sale procedure. According to his decision, the stakes must be made before October 15. But so far no buyers have been found.

After bankruptcy, SCO’s total assets are estimated at $ 14.2 million, and the company also has a debt of $ 5.2 million.

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