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Mailbox Logs

Not so long ago, we gave you some general tips on how to make your stay on the web (and, in particular, in the mailbox) more secure.
Today we want to talk about the next innovation, which will help you keep your mailbox safe.
Perhaps some of you have already noticed the “ Visiting Log ” link in your inbox (it is located at the very bottom of the screen).

And those of you who noticed - probably already guessed what it is :)
The browsing history is a page that displays all the "significant" changes in your mailbox (actions with letters, folders and tags). Opposite each of the actions is the IP address of the computer from which it was carried out. It is also possible to view more detailed information on each of the actions for a specific date.
The browsing history displays both actions via the web interface and email programs.
Thus, as soon as you suspect that someone else has gained access to your mailbox, go to the logbook and develop your doubts. Or confirm.
In the second case, we strongly recommend that you change your password and answer your secret question as soon as possible.
The link to the magazine is currently available only in the Neo interface (2009). In the near future, this opportunity will also appear in the beta version of the new interface - stay tuned!

For more information about the journal of visits, you can get on the corresponding page of our Help .


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