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IFA 2010 Electronics Show: Minus One Day. Panasonic and Sony

Despite the fact that the jubilee, the 50th in a row, the IFA exhibition has not yet begun, Nomobile.ru half the day before has run through the halls of the Messe-Berlin. There is not much to look at so far - the stands are mounted, there is a lot of trash and debris everywhere, but two Japanese companies held their presentations: Panasonic and Sony.

It has long been obvious to everyone that the 3D trend will continue to be maintained, the scale will only grow. At both press conferences, journalists were given passive glasses, but if there were individual videos on the Panasonic booth, Sony representatives held their entire Keynote in 3D mode: the broadcast was displayed on a big screen.

Unfortunately, the products didn’t work out on this day in detail - not all specifications are available, not all gadgets can be touched and touched, the emphasis was on presentations, companies indicated their intentions. But a detailed analysis will definitely be - we will feel, we will do hands-on'chiki and loudly pokokoyem languages.

Panasonic assures that they were the first to offer a full range or, as it is now fashionable to say, a full ecosystem of 3D solutions: they’ve filled the entire line. Panasonic products can shoot 3D video (the first consumer camera, which I have already seen in Stockholm, was shown again), transfer 3D to a TV (Bluray / 3D players), and, of course, watch it! Panasonic, true to its “plasma” creed, rolled out a 3D plasma. Points for viewing are needed, they come in a set (two pairs). In addition to Panasonic, such panels are produced only by Samsung.

At the presentation, Sony showed a long-awaited “reader”, which received a touch screen, and Alexey Vedernikov was pleased with the NEX VG-10 camcorder. From the 3D-products, I note the projector VPL-VW90ES. More detailed debriefing will be a bit later - as soon as the companies finish mounting the stands and show the most interesting and hot news to the world. Well, and we will not miss them - wait for new reports. A detailed inspection of the Toshiba and Philips booths is on the way.

PS By the way, habrareyd - if you are interested in any products, let me know, ask questions - we can study in detail with photos, videos, and take test shots on the camera.

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