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SICP is now in Russian!

It is surprising that so far no one has had the idea to translate these legendary lectures into Russian.
As an experiment I post the translation of the first of 20 lectures. If this gets a proper response, I will translate further.

A few words about the lectures themselves, this is a squeeze from the introductory course on programming read in MIT since 1978. Lectures are given by Harold Abelson and Gerald Sussman.
In my opinion, they pay attention not so much to algorithms as to the formation of correct thinking in future programmers, and this is much more important. I want to note a very high quality of the material, in the best traditions of Knut, and perhaps even better in some respects.
If you are not familiar with what SICP is, be sure to download a book in Russian for better enlightenment.

The course is conducted on the example of the programming language LISP, which, by the way, turned 50 years old, not a lot of living languages ​​survived over Lisp. According to Lisp, I can say - this is an amazing language, I just recommend it to everyone, do not deny yourself the pleasure and learn this language even if it is never useful to you in real affairs, but it will form you the right brains, you will learn to look completely different at many things, even if all your life you have been writing some kind of endless forms for business applications in C ++.
On Yandex video:

Link to the tracker, video of the first lecture, separately subs, and a book in Russian.

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