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The Proton-M rocket, which is launching three Glonass-M satellites into space, launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome at 4:54 Moscow time on September 2, 2010

[start] About the beginning of the next replenishment of the orbital group GLONASS report " RIA Novosti ", " Interfax ", " News ", and so on.

As I write these lines, the block of satellites moves in near-Earth space, gradually moving to a target circular orbit at an altitude of about 19,130 ​​kilometers; this will require two start-ups of the main engine of the upper stage DM-2, the final separation from which of the three Glonass-M spacecraft is scheduled for 8:25 Moscow time.

If the process is successful, then after a couple of weeks, the new satellites will begin broadcasting the navigation signal, as we have already seen this year.
Right now in the GLONASS system there are 23 satellites, of which two are in reserve, and the rest are used for their intended purpose. So, very soon they can become twenty-six.

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