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Offtopic, about the audience of the site smotra.ru

This post violates all the rules of Habr.
This is a cross post from another site .
It contains obscene language .
They talk about the pros and cons.
But I do not care, and it will remain here until it is completely zaminusuyut or UFO will not arrive.

For the most impatient - read Update 3 at the bottom of the post, or watch the video from the middle.

It seems that this is typical for the audience of the website “Smotra.ru”, judging by the reaction of their very community to this event.
Yes, this post is not about glands, a post about people, and about non-people.
What to do? Fools and roads are intricately intertwined in one online resource.

UPD : At the request of commenting, I explain a brief retelling of the video:

1. The company arrived at the hotel at night.
2. Noisy
3. Reception correctly asked for a quieter
4. In response, flew creepy mate

The first link in the post you can read more on the "Dirty".

Minusuy - think about whether you want to live among such people, or it may be worth considering?

UPD2 : At the moment, someone has fallen on the site "Smotra.ru" with ddos-attack.

UPD3 : Habraludi, 70 people voted positively for this article, 77 - negatively. Of those who pressed the minus - only one said that yes - the world is not fair, but this is not a topic for Habr. No, guys is a subject for Habr. And that's why.

At first, the Internet was a stronghold of glasses, nerds and Russian programmers. Then progressive humanity went there, everything was fine and the grass was greener. Then came the rest of 90% of porn content, which is still a significant part of the Internet, along with spam.

Now we see a tendency towards which I have a dual attitude - on the one hand, it’s good that the people who are humier and uncomplicated for moral values ​​have got into the net.
This is good for the industry - more money, more customers. But this is also the transformation of the Internet into a simple copy of society, where it can be shamed in the same way.
This post is the cry of the soul. The Internet, nevertheless, has a number of significant differences from offline.

For example, here you can easily concentrate efforts, collaborative effect and everything else.
I don’t know if our refined IT brains will reach us, but to be a strong community is worth something.

Is there really no difference, and the Internet will be all the same as in the doorways?
The magnitude of the disaster is already high,% UserZer%. Read the comments - about a third of the commentators are blind, and they see only the SERVANT and GENTLEMAN.
"Servant" allowed herself not to suffer rudeness. There is a certain scale of values ​​in which there is an inadmissible state of humanity and humanity for development. Although this is a topic for a separate post. Who, if not us, cures himself and society? What bl ** s servant, you are blind? This is a man, even if the administrator at the reception.
Once again - the problem is not that someone nahamil at the reception. The problem is that it is openly praised on a popular Internet resource, and can be perceived by young people as the norm .

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