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Apple Special Event '10: Retail Stores, iOS 4.1 & 4.2, iPods, iTunes 10, Apple TV and a bit of Coldplay :)

That was the Apple Special Event - in the morning overseas and in the evening somewhere here with us ... Once again, the guys from Apple proved that they can create great products, very powerful, but at the same time compact and comfortable. Let's summarize and discuss what we were pleased with.
(carefully, a lot of pictures)

Before turning to technical innovations, it is worth noting that Apple opened three more Retail Stores: in Paris, London and somewhere else there (I just opened the beer, listened). Judging by the photo, the company from Cupertino managed to very concisely and stylishly arrange each of them.

Further, the already sensational iOS 4 update. According to Steve Jobs, various bugs with the proximity sensor, Bluetooth, and iPhone 3G were accelerated in the new firmware.

One of the most interesting innovations is the ability to make HDR images. On such photos, too lightened or darkened objects or zones become normal.

(usual photo on the left, HDR photo on the right)

Also in the new firmware is available long ago promised Game Center.

The guys from Epic Games showed the work of a 3D game, the multiplayer basis of which is Game Center.

iOS 4.2 for iPad will be available in November. This firmware update will contain multitasking, the ability to distribute applications to folders, etc.

The entire line of iPod players has been updated: iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod touch. All, of course, a lot of changes!

IPod shuffle has buttons again, and VoiceOver is still there. Apple didn't bother much and decided to combine two previous generations of players in one small package.

The price of iPod shuffle is quite democratic, given the appearance of the device, its functionality and internal memory for storing music.

iPod nano and completely lost the buttons, getting a touchscreen instead.

Externally, the filling on the design resembles iOS, but it seems to me that the App Store is unlikely to appear on such a device :)

The battery of the kid holds 24 hours of continuous listening to music, on the back of it there is a clothespin for comfortable wearing on clothes, and its price is $ 149 for 8GB and $ 179 for 16GB.

IPod touch has the most delicious changes: Retina display, Apple A4 chip, used in iPad and iPhone 4, gyroscope, HD camera and FaceTime front camera. In addition, the player has become even thinner!

And the prices for this monster are:

iTunes 10 received a new icon, the Ping social network (according to Steve, this is Facebook + Twitter + music) and some changes in functionality and appearance.

And, of course, "One more thing ..."

Apple TV was released in 2006 and has not been updated since. It would be time for a long time ... Here are the changes customers wanted from the apple company:

And they got it all! In the device, which is 4 times smaller than the previous model Apple TV.

Now new movies and TV shows can only be rented. Thus, Apple solved two problems - storing films on the device and, in fact, the price of the issue. New films can be rented for $ 4.99 apiece, and new episodes of TV series will be available to users for only $ 0.99. Also, any video / audio / photo can be displayed on a TV with iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac. And all this can be viewed using the device, the price of which, as it may immediately seem, is lower than the cost price!

This unusual Apple Special Event was completed by Chris Martin of Coldplay with three live songs. The picture is, of course, not to convey, so I advise everyone to wait for the video.

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