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Apple Announces Apple TV 2

The presentation of Apple has just ended and one of the key points was Apple TV 2, or as they simply called it Apple TV.
In fact, the device is a continuation of the original Apple TV, released back in 2006, but there are cardinal differences in its revision. :
1. Size and form factor

They reduced the size to four. Also, the changes affected connectors, there are now only 4: Power, SPDIF, HDMI, Ethernet. No more RCA, no ordinary Audio Out. Everything is easy and simple. It also remains possible to connect via WiFi including 802.11n, but we are all used to it.
2. Lack of storage or streaming only

This Apple TV 2 has no hard disk, i.e. nothing can be stored on it. But, they all replaced the streaming feature. Play music and video, everything and everything. Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe are also included in the console. Roughly speaking, everything from where you can stream content without saving it. Of course, the ability to watch movies from a local Maca or PC is present, which is good news if you don’t want to pay for each movie.
3. AirPlay or iPad is our friend and companion

Apple at today's event renamed everyone a familiar thing like AirTunes to AirPlay, which resulted in a new feature for Apple TV - streaming files from iPhone / iPad / etc ... My personal opinion is that this is very, very convenient. Suppose a friend comes to you with an iPad, and he has a clip that you have never seen and would like to watch, or maybe even a full-length film. So, it connects to your home wifi and turns on AirPlay, which results in your 49 ”LED LCD freaking out, and you too.
4. 0.99 $ for Rent or buy buy buy

Last but not least, the feature of the new Apple TV is the ability to rent movies and TV shows for 99 cents. Rent gives the right to start watching the film within 4 days and finish watching it within 24 hours.


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