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New iPods

Today, Apple introduced an updated line of iPods. Completely redesigned iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch.


Buttons have returned to the new iPod Shuffle , but the voice of the third generation of players Voice Over has remained.

Learn more about the new iPod Shuffle

iPod Nano is 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter than its predecessor. Now it is a small player, the front panel of which is entirely occupied by a multitouch-display. Also, the player can now be attached to clothes with a clip, just like a shuffle. The camera in the new iPod Nano is not.

Learn more about the new iPod Nano.

The updated iPod Touch boasts a Retina display, as in the iPhone 4, a FaceTime front-facing camera, as well as an ordinary rear-facing camera for shooting HD video. The player has become thinner, while adding power - it is now put the processor Apple A4.

Learn more about the new iPod Touch.

In addition, at today's Apple Event a new iTunes 10 (now with a social network!), And a completely redesigned Apple TV was introduced.

Thanks rastych for reminding you about new firmware for iPhone (iPod Touch) and iPad. iOS 4.1 for iPhone will be released next week, iOS 4.2 for iPad is worth the wait in November.

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