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Spend 10 minutes - deactivate SPAMER

I often receive Russian ICQ-spam, although the information does not contain a single Russian letter, Tanzania is indicated, and ICQ is a six-digit sign from the first thousand.
Authorization Request:
All types of fire works. The solution of issues of any complexity in the bodies of state. Tel. 34596 <wipe>, Igor Vladimirovich Schekalev. Yekaterinburg city

I just called him on Skype, asked how he relates to ICQ spam, and said that it was ugly, etc. Igor Vladimirovich became unskillful to bychit and ask who I would be like that and who I represent. After that, I clarified that I myself was from Moscow, and his state didn’t get into my ***. pos. supervision. And if he continues to do this - I will launch a program that he will dial, send to ... and hang up, and so on and on. The man changed, he said that it was not he, but his computer scientists who he hired, and he also pays money for it as a result of advertising. I also switched the tone to a more benevolent one, and told him that he was being deceived, and the effectiveness was zero ... he advised me to contact Google and Yandex for contextual advertising. Milo talked and said goodbye.

The result is a great mood, saved lemming, and people who have been spared from this SPAM.

I advise everyone to repeat my humble experience! You can also experiment with voice change programs.
The slogan is something like this: “This is a SPAM operation or boiling! Are you still spamming? Then we call to you! ”

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