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Curious facts about turning off the light in St. Petersburg

Everyone remembers the recent blackout across the city in St. Petersburg. But not everyone thinks how difficult it is to stop a panic, it is technically difficult.

In St. Petersburg there is a company PTV, this is a TV channel, which is run in minibuses, buses, trolley buses and any other public transport with monitors installed for this. Technically, broadcasting is carried out through the cunning interaction of Glonass, 4G (Yota) and signal display equipment.

During a massive blackout, most people began to panic slowly but surely. All non-autonomous devices failed. People who used uninterruptible power supplies managed only to inform the entire Internet about what had happened. It worked, perhaps, only mobile communications. And TVs in minibuses.
It was this channel that accounted for a significant percentage of information about what happened, soothing data for people who did not know what had happened. It is curious that the more traditional methods of the Ministry of Emergency Situations could not notify people.

This is the story of how autonomously working televisions in conjunction with wireless internet can save the city from panic :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103279/

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