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iTuneMyWalkman - sync any media device with iTunes

If you use Apple computers, listen to music in iTunes, but do not use Apple players, and you really want to sync music easily and easily, then this program is for you!

I have an iPod, but I do not use it to listen to music - the playback quality does not suit me, for many years I have been using various models of Cowon players, at the moment I have a Cowon D2 + , which completely satisfies me. But I was always jealous of iPod / iPhone users with their simple music syncing with iTunes, and just recently I came across a small program iTuneMyWalkman . The program has not been updated for more than a year, but this does not prevent it from working perfectly in the snow leopard. The program is quite simple and allows you to configure it once - to synchronize music with any device that can be mounted in the system as an external drive.

The main window of the program, from which we can get into the settings, add the iTuneMyWalkman button in iTunes (it did not work for me, iTunes 9.2.1 (5)), and install the action console to monitor the connection balls, i.e. the program will automatically follow when you connect your player to start work.

The program settings window (General), all we need to specify here is the path to our player, and indicate what the program should do when the player is connected and after synchronization.

The settings window for synchronized playlists, here we need to specify what exactly we want to synchronize, select the entire library, or just a separate playlists. You can also synchronize podcasts and audiobooks.
In principle, this is where the basic settings of the program are completed, we can set the folder action, connect our media device and start synchronization.

But this program is designed not only for digital players, but also for phones that in the modern world have an integrated camera. The program has a separate tab for copying photos from your phone to your computer. If you do not delve into the topic, you can end up with a brief overview of the program, of course there are some other functions that I didn’t mention - encoding selection, folder structure, on-the-fly transcoding, listening counter — you can try it yourself. You need this functionality, and for most users, the basic settings are enough. I hope this program will be interesting and useful for you.


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