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Walking bike

It is believed that the bicycle was invented two centuries ago by Baron Karl von Dresse. It would seem that inventing something new connected with this type of transport is problematic. After all, various versions have already been made: with large wheels, two-wheeled, three-wheeled, for two people, with sneakers instead of wheels, circus, etc. But, now and then there are new models, new ideas of folding bicycles, some interesting concepts, in general, people are still not fully moved away from this topic and are still trying to invent their bicycle.


The guys from ElliptiGO returned to the origins of the person and decided that in order to move quickly on two wheels with their legs, a person should not sit, because frequent sitting in the saddle of a bicycle can provoke the appearance of various interesting and unpleasant diseases.
On this so-called bicycle, you will not sit, but stand, and not pedal, but walk.
Detailed explanations and video - under the cut.

UPD: kaasnake also reported on the treadmill on wheels . Just for fun.

But, before telling about the new "bicycle", let's recall the historical facts.

According to some historians, the reason for the appearance of the first bicycle in 1817 was the most barren summer that made keeping horses a very expensive pleasure.

German professor Baron Karl von Dresse proposed a mechanical replacement for the unpacific - a two-wheeled scooter, which he called the “walking machine”. He was equipped with a steering wheel and looked as a whole, like a bicycle without pedals; the frame was wooden. By the way, the invention of Drez was named in his honor, a railcar, and the word "railcar" still remains in the Russian language.


After that, the bike went through two more important stages of conversion:

In 1839, the blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan, in a small village in the south of Scotland, perfected the invention of Drez by adding pedals and a saddle.

In 1888, Scot John Boyd Dunlop invented rubber rubber tires. In fact, in this design, he came to our days. After that, the bikes got rid of the nickname "chatter". This invention made cycling much more convenient, which contributed to their popularization. The 1890s were called the golden age of bicycles.

Since then, the bicycle has been modernized and altered so often that the expression “invent the bicycle” has become a household name.

However, whatever one may say, the deeper a person went into the jungle of technical progress, the farther he became from nature. That physiological nature, which implies that a person who moves must be upright and not sit.

This invented bicycle has, as we already said, the idea of ​​returning to the “sources”. Those. a person, moving in space, should not sit on the bicycle seat, but stand and move his legs, as he does when jogging. That is, in fact, you run, but move much faster if you just ran.

Video of this device. I personally liked it!

View other videos and read more can be on the manufacturer's website.

It seems to me that this car is more like a “walking machine”. Although, of course, there is one big minus in it - you cannot rest while sitting.

Just for fun. UPD

Another “invention of the bike” that was sent by kaasnake

Treadmill on wheels


Looks pretty funny. It is not known how practical and whether it is possible to fall from it, as on ordinary treadmills. After all, he obviously will not stop.

And also, for a deeper insight into the topic - video.

Just for fun. UPD2

A shoguevara says that you do not need to pervert so much and you just need to make a hole in the floor of the car. And charging, and vehicle, and in the winter is not cold. By the way, I immediately remembered a very famous cartoon.


And of course, all from September 1!

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