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"New XenForo forum engine" or "What could be VBulletin 4.0"

Today, through one of my friends, the news about the announcement of the new forum engine XenForo has reached me. Its authors are two respected developers Mike Sullivan (Mike Sullivan) and Cyrus Darby (Kier Darby) , thanks to whom the world saw VBulletin 3.x as it is now.

After leaving the team after the takeover of JelSoft by the giant Internet Brands, they worked for over a year to present XenForo , a new commercial forum engine, which is positioned as a serious opponent for VBulletin and InvisionPowerBoard, to our court.

VBulletin 4.0 = epic fail

The output of VBulletin 4.0 in my opinion turned out to be epic fail. Instead of the promised major rewrite, MVC support, and generally improved architecture, we only received an updated style developed by an independent design studio that the community , the CMS, which has so far (a year after its release) make ~ 150 requests and A huge number of critical bugs at all stages of the project.

The new team was not very good with customers. I would say we were a bit ignored. For example, release 4.0.3 included a number of critical bugs that did not allow to complete the update of the database normally when upgrading to a new version or even to view user profiles. Do you think that they immediately released 4.0.4 to make it convenient for users? Nothing like this. The developers created a topic on the forum and posted instructions in it like “open this file and replace XXX with YYY in it to fix the ZZZ problem”. Very comfortable, isn't it? Especially for ordinary users.

A new team of programmers includes at least a couple of strange personalities who comment in the code of the engine like "It seems like it’s going to go." ignorance of the VBulletin architecture and, what is most strange, about the impossibility of getting explanations from colleagues.

In general, a complete epic fail in my opinion. I have already regretted ten times that I did not leave the forum, which I administer, on the 3.x branch, which, by the way, they are also trying to spoil .

XenForo = True Web 2.0 Forum Engine

What does XenForo offer? Of course, the best thing to see for yourself . From my point of view, the user is offered ... well, just an intuitive Ajax-driven interface, which is very convenient to use. By the way, despite the fact that the project is still in alpha. Subjectively, the interface is more convenient than PHPBB , VBulletin and IPB can offer. I don’t know why for so many years of existence of Ajax as such and a large number of libraries, with the use of which it becomes not just easy, but very easy to use, no one has released a forum comparable in convenience to XenForo (if you know one, please immediately inform comments).

Moderation tools, unfortunately, while you can not touch the hands, but there is a small clip on which you can see the process.

For developers will be offered a convenient API for developing add-ons. Something tells me that, most likely, a system similar to VBulletin (a hook system) will be used.

In general, third-party users and customers of Internet Brands (owners of VBulletin) are positive. Many say that after the release of the official release will go to XenForo with VBulletin 4.0. By the way, among them is your humble servant. For an instant assessment of the situation, simply search Google for “xenforo shit” and you will understand what the second search word refers to.

In the Have you seen section of the XenForo forum, you can see descriptions and demonstrations of new forum features added to the engine.

As for the release date - it is still unknown, but something tells me that you can focus on the end of this year / the beginning of the next.

XenForo is now being discussed on many websites, including even the official VBulletin community forum . However, I am sure this topic will soon be covered ...

Russian site about XenForo .

PS Published a post on the VBulletin blog, as I haven’t found a better one. If there is one, please transfer it.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103269/

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