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IT in student life

In this topic I want to consider some useful services and programs that have been helping my group in their everyday school life for the second year.

Nothing fundamentally new, but with examples of use and more or less detailed instructions. You can send the article to your friends so that they try to do something similar in their groups.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox gave us the opportunity to share files - ads, educational materials, photos, projects, as well as store your files and have access to them from anywhere.
First, one person registered his account on Dropbox.com and installed the application on his computer, and the rest registered by his referral link, thereby increasing the free space to 6 gigabytes.
After that, a public folder was created and all registered referrals (as well as those who already had an account) were shared with it.
This is done via the web interface:

Then the invited person confirms the invitation, and the same shared folder appears in his explorer:

"Adverse" advantages:
Not everyone has a printer - for example, those who live in a hostel do not always have it.
A person is chosen who has a laser printer and who is not too lazy to do this.
Then a folder “Print” is created, where anyone can add a file, picture, graph for printing.
The “appointed” person prints and brings the next day, taking some kind of fee for this (eg 2 rubles per page)

2. Skype

It is desirable that everyone had a skype account.
Skype gave us the opportunity to communicate comfortably, quickly report news, etc., as well as communicate in the voice of the whole group, and even make our own radio (emulated the speaker output as a microphone)
In addition to the usual chat, Skype has the ability to create a group chat.
It looks like this:

How to create a chat:
1. Click the New button above your contact list.
2. Select a new group conference.
3. Select people and click OK.
4. Everything, you will see the tab of your chat. I recommend to add it to your bookmarks.

"Adverse" advantages:
You can quickly send files to each other, or you can use Dropbox
If the majority of the group uses this, then besides the group dialogue, you can always write to someone privately.
If someone deleted a file, you can always restore it via the web interface.

Related disadvantages:
If one is infected with a virus, it can be transmitted via Dropbox to all fellow students. (This is if you use the Dropbox program. There is no such problem through the web interface.)

Google calendar

Someone who registers to http://google.com/calendar creates a group schedule based on even-odd weeks, fills in the number of the audience, the teacher, and the time. Then, in the settings, gives access to this calendar to all users.
The result you can see here .

Optionally: you can embed a calendar on your site so that you can access it at a convenient address for everyone, or use a shortener of links.

"Adverse" advantages:
You can provide any person with a calendar in iCal or XML format for synchronization with a mobile phone.
You can print a convenient schedule for a month.
SMS reminders
All birthdays can be added to the same calendar.

Vkontakte Group

Everything is accessible to everyone, and nothing especially to write. Therefore, I will write how we use it:
1. You can put general photos, video.
2. Create a page with phones, emails, etc. all classmates, closing it from strangers.

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