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HackDay # 7: Moscow, September 17-19

HackDay opens the season autumn-spring of 2010-2011.

We will hold the first event of the series in Moscow in two weeks. The goal of HackDay is to develop prototypes of IT projects over the weekend.

Moscow hack is supported by Intel and ASUS .

What will we have?

Important information

HackDay is an event where participants work on bringing their ideas to the prototype. You can come up with ready-made ideas, for the implementation of which you did not have time. You can build a team directly on Hackday. Finally, you can start participating in one of our open technology workshops and create a new project based on them. HackDay is not a meeting for talking, it is not a conference or a party. In HackDay you can not participate as an observer. This is the place and time to work on real projects in the most creative atmosphere. Come and do something interesting.

Viewers will only be allowed to present prototypes on Sunday evening. It is also planned to award prizes to the three best projects.

Registration is currently underway.

What we will have (in more detail).

To participate in the event you need to register and post the idea of ​​your project with a description of who is required in the team, or join an existing project. The work will go on two days - Saturday and Sunday. Master classes will be held on Saturday morning. On the evening of Sunday there will be a demofest - a presentation of the developed projects.

Master classes: Anton Volnukhin (Yandex), Mikhail Kechinov, Gaidar Magdanurov (Microsoft), Shurik Babayev (TouchDev), Irina Kharseeva (Ar-Door).

Participants will have the opportunity not only to listen to master classes on technologies, but also to familiarize themselves with and write their project under the technical innovations from Apple and Ar-Door, which will provide equipment and augmented reality programs. You can also read and try to write a program for the device of virtual reality.

If you have an idea for which there is not enough time, if you have a desire to do something useful, but there are no good ideas, then HackDay is for you. If you are a developer, designer, marketer, user interface designer or just feel that you can make a contribution to a project, then come - we are waiting for you!


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The organizers

HackDay , Web development studio Mikhail Kechinov .


Dmitry Pukhtin (St. Petersburg):
+7 952-240-92-43

Vladimir Denisov (Moscow)
+7 926 572 58 37

Come. Your HackDay.

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