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Autumn updates

We know that on the first day of autumn many are sad: the summer is over, the long working and academic year is ahead. We want this year to be as successful as possible for you, and we figured out how to help you (and make the beginning of autumn a little nicer).

Let's start by updating the interface on Wishop.ru . It was seriously redesigned and became not only clearer, but also more functional. For example, now it is enough to specify the address of your online store and e-mail, so that we find out what products you sell, find all the suitable desires in our database and send a specific offer to you by e-mail.

Now, as in the usual online store, you can select the wishes of people you like, add them to the order and immediately send them an offer. We even lowered the prices, and the average price of the response to the desire is now 10 rubles, and the minimum is only 2 rubles. Recall that we accept money both on the account for legal entities and on the receipt through Sberbank, through WebMoney and Yandex.Money.
By the way, our specially trained manager, if you wish, will help you to make a great announcement and give other valuable recommendations on how to work with the service. Do you want a personal assistant who would send feedback on desires for you, so that you have more time for other things? Have agreed! Let us know - we will provide you with such an assistant for free.

Finally, a feature that will appeal to those who prefer to specialize in specific brands. Now you can sort the desires by manufacturer. For example, if you sell Apple laptops - just select this manufacturer in the “Brand” section - and get a list of all desires, where people want laptops from Apple. Make them an offer and sell them what they want.

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