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About the Vizerra project. Introduction

Hello, readers and inhabitants of Habrahabr!
My name is Alexander Lavrov, I am the director of technology at 3DreamTeam, which develops the Vizerra product.

Some of you have already met him in the post of one of our users.
This post attracted the attention of a large number of people to Vizerra , and we got the most valuable thing a small software company could get — user criticism. As a result, we fixed a number of previously undetected bugs and made improvements in the usability of the new version of the product. Many thanks to all the people who wrote their comments then - you really helped us!

You not only wrote us your comments, but also asked a lot of questions. Therefore, we decided to start a habrablog in which we will try to tell you all the most interesting things about our products, projects and technologies used.
A little about our company.

3DreamTeam is, above all, a team. It sounds a little pathetic, but we really think so, that's why they called it the company. People got the most diverse: GIS systems developers, creators of computer games, people from the cinema, printing and other fields. Such a “colorful” creative team influenced the field of activity - we are developing so-called “serious games” - applications for various sectors of the economy, based on gaming technology.

For two and a half years, we have been developing three-dimensional models of houses, helicopters, factories, cultural monuments and much more. The result of all these projects was the Vizerra software platform, on which we are now creating all our projects. On the most interesting of them, we will write in the habrablog.

In our free time, we, like many people, love to travel. And during working hours we create computer graphics. We managed to combine these interests - this is how the direction of the three-dimensional reconstruction of the cultural heritage, with which most people associate our company, was born. These projects are freely available on our website vizerra.com.

At the moment, I represent the company (Alexander Lavrov) and users nankko and copyfox
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!
See you live!

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