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Winegame 0.2.0

Hello! I am pleased to announce the release of WineGame 0.2.0! You can read about what it is here .

This release is the beginning of a new Winegame and Winestuff branch. It is still not very stable, but I am doing it now, because the school :).

What's new:


As for the API documentation (and indeed in general), I still have no motivation to do it. If someone wants to create a client application based on Winestuff, then I will compile it.


The bad news: I will no longer support the PPA for Winegame (which I have already mentioned). Need a mantayner PPA.

Gentoo .
OpenSUSE (installation in one click).
The program is also available in Agilia Linux repositories.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103237/

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