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Social networks of Russia - free classmates

It is no secret that Odnoklassniki is considered the most greedy social network of the RuNet. But yesterday they made the opposite move, towards the user - they canceled the paid registration, which was introduced back in 2008 and cost about a dollar by SMS. The measure was declared as a means of combating spam, while its cancellation is explained by the already introduced new methods of combating spam.

However, another thing is interesting - will this fact seriously affect the audience? My guess is not. One dollar is on the account of the mobile phone of any user. If a person needs a lot, he will register. But he doesn’t need it, because now there are three completely distinct niches on the Russian social networks market, ideally distributed among three social networks - the senior audience in Odnoklassniki (due to aggressive advertising on TV), students and schoolchildren on VKontakte, and advertisers, Internet figures All sorts of advanced users and people who often communicate with foreigners - on Facebook. The latter, by the way, demonstrates serious exponential growth in recent months - the coverage is 2.77% (24th site in runet), despite the fact that less than six months ago, it overcame 1%. For comparison - Vkontakte 47.8%, Odnoklassniki 17.1% (according to webomer.ru). Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki occupy the first and second places among social networks in runet, Facebook - the seventh.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103234/

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