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Criticism Yes Lectures №2 "Diary entries» (Yota)

About the event itself can be read here .
In short: I liked the idea, the choice of speakers and lecture topics, but the embodiment of lecture No. 2 “Diary Records” disappointed, and, in my opinion, Icredit was discredited as an organizer. Now I will tell everything in order.
Picture to attract attention.

The story of Norstein was beautiful, and this is entirely his merit. The video can be seen after some time here www.yeslectures.ru/video .

The post is not in vain called criticism, so we move on to the "critical" part.
First, it is the organization of registration and passage to the event. To get to the lecture, it was necessary to register on the site in advance, but at the entrance everyone was allowed in anyway. At the same time, those who just came in early, or perhaps just passed by, got seats inside the theater, and many of those registered remained left in the cold in front of the screen. I arrived 40 minutes before the start, and in fact was the last one to get inside from the list of registered.

Secondly, a bunch of trifles annoyed, but little things were unacceptable for a serious organization: the beginning shifted about half an hour because of which the program had to be reduced; the screen was not adjusted for brightness and many shots turned into whitish outlines (which, by the way, Norshtein himself said); the director, who displayed the picture on the main screen, absolutely did not listen to Norshtein’s request, when he asked to show the table and not take it off, and as a result, many things that Yury Borisovich wanted to show, the audience never saw; the remote control for controlling the camera above the table did not work (only in the second half of the lecture Norshtein was shown how to operate directly from the camera); connected from the communicator to the declared WiFi, but the pages did not open; Also, a certain Volodya, who put the videos on playback, could not cope with his poppy and then QuickTime controls came out on the screen, then the Makovsky dock rose from below.

Special thanks to the dropout operators who stood right in front of the rows, blocking the screen, and also blinded the audience with their camera lighting during the lecture.

The conclusion can be drawn as follows: poor implementation can spoil the whole impression even with a great idea.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103228/

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