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WebMoney Keeper Mobile on Android

Time is fast, and the person submitting to him becomes more and more mobile. Sometimes you have to make important decisions or conduct business negotiations standing in a traffic jam or beating off ice cream at the supermarket checkout. Until recently, all financial issues on the Internet could be solved with the help of the phone and the Java application of WebMoney Keeper Mobile installed on it.

Every year more and more new models appear, and now I became the proud owner of HTC Desire. But the finished application for the Android platform from the Webmoney campaign does not exist, although it is a matter of time.
For those who can not wait, I ask under the cat .

I will not go into technical details and terms, I will write simply and clearly

First we need Android J2ME MIDP RUNNER 2.0 . It can easily be found on the Android Market. After installation, App Explorer and App Manager appear in the applications.

Next, download the latest version of WebMoney Keeper Mobile for Java and Symbian

There are 2 files in the downloaded archive. Further we pass here . This is an online converter from Jar to APK.

In the item “Option 2” we select both downloaded files (jar and jad), I did not touch the settings and click “GetApk”.
Download the file by any means on the phone and install it. Do not forget to put a tick in the settings opposite the item about installing applications from unreliable sources.

After that, the list of applications appears cherished WebMoney Keeper Mobile. Powered by Desire 2.1, 2.2.

Of the minuses on Desire 2.1, 2.2:

- The bottom buttons (Back, OK) got out of the screen, they are almost not visible, but you can poke at this place without any problems. The main thing to remember is that on the left - Back / Exit, and on the right - OK.
- Does not allow to change the type of connection.

All the main functions work, there were no failures.

And some low-quality confirming photos. (Sorry, there is no normal camera).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103225/

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