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We build, or we will wait?

The Internet is increasingly penetrating into the masses in our country and today every third Kazakhstan citizen uses it. At the end of 2009, there were 3.16 million users in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which accounted for 19.8% of the population (information from ICT-Marketing). And as the trend shows (and the steps taken by the state in this direction) in the future this number will grow and most likely at a faster rate.

I publish the post of LIAL, zaminsovannogo in holivarnyh battles and not having the opportunity to write. Anyone can help throwing karma .

But, despite this, ordinary users are attracted more by the Russian and foreign network segment, but not their own Kaznet. On the one hand, this is normal, as the low proportion of sites with high-quality content in Kaznet gives an opportunity to be felt. But on the other hand, we use the Internet not only as consumers of information, but also as consumers of goods and services, and here, then everything begins.

Looking at Runet, you begin to envy, why do we not have such a thing? I wanted to buy something - please, if only there was a desire. And bought and paid, and delivered. And we have? Okay, I bought it, with the payment, the difficulties begin, although they can be overcome (you have to do a lot of unnecessary “movements”), with delivered very badly, and especially to the regions - that is, those main places that need all this (well, they don’t have such goods as in the capitals or other large cities).

With services, the situation is better, since there are no problems with delivery, but there is another side: services that should be aware and take into account the specifics of Kaznet, the state, are almost absent as a class. For example: SEO or interaction of banks with electronic means of payments, etc. (examples can actually come up with a lot if you dig).

Yes, many will say, how can we influence all this? The Internet is huge, there is no opportunity to “press” or “ask” for the bank, and we are powerless to change anything. But do not try to change the situation, you need to change the attitude towards her. Let us not forget that we, the Internet users, are not a small mass. The same bank, for example, conducting an analysis of the need for any services and not observing the needs, will not do anything. But if the benefit is obvious, and not in a single case, then you will not have to ask for anything, they will be interested in their implementation.
Now the most important thing for what it all was.

The first. All users of Habr, and in particular the readers of the Kaznet blog, are smart enough and somehow IT related: developers, designers, project managers, freelancers, etc. Many of you are directly involved in the development of any projects or have their own sites. Let us not forget about the KZ zone and understand that sooner or later it will not only be in demand, but will represent the main segment where residents of the RK will receive information or use the services. It is better to be a pioneer of any services in Kaznet and it is not necessary to immediately receive money from it, because in the future it may bring greater dividends.

Let's not be afraid to understand what a simple user needs so that he goes to the site in KZ (knowing this, that the goods will be delivered to him, that he will be able to pay with his card, etc.), did not look for curves of options, because only you know how it all works and can be implemented within its own country. Let's just do what we can to improve the quality of content and services, and we will reap the benefits later.

The second. In order not to be unfounded, I wanted to say from myself: there are many ideas in fact (some have a commercial component, some do not), some have been worked out in general terms (development plans, implementations, registered domain names, etc.). ), but there is not much time for implementation, and subsequent monitoring. Yes, and one to think about how this or that service should look is not interesting and not everything can be foreseen (one head is good, and more is better). In fact, this post was conceived not so much as a cry from the heart, but more as a search for like-minded people in the creation and implementation of useful services in Kaznet.

Third. In continuation of the second point: I will share a couple of ideas, who want to participate, write in a personal note: what you can offer and how you see your participation.

dombra.kz - I think to implement a site where there will be a history of the development of the instrument, its types, possibilities, communication of musicians, methods or school of the game, where to learn, etc. The variant is considered as not only specialization in dombra, but maybe in other musical instruments of Kazakhstan and communication of all musicians. The project is social, it is not planned to extract benefit from it. The cost of the domain and hosting will take over. I need ideas that I would like to see on the site, how it should be presented. In what form - to form an implementation plan and find participants in the project accordingly.

freehosting.kz - since there is a server, it was thought to provide free hosting services for a limited time. Someone may need it for test purposes, someone does not know whether he needs it and whether there are enough opportunities, etc. In the future of these clients, a certain percentage (albeit an insignificant one) can become regular customers for a certain fee, and it is possible for someone to be allowed to post if the project is interesting and social. The service is planned to be affordable, with a minimum of support, i.e. purely for small sites and pages that do not require special performance. (The server was bought for its projects, and so far most of it is not used, so it was thought to launch this project in order to justify the cost of its content)

nedvigimost.kz - the site is actually already running in test operation with a template design. There are ready-made designs and ideas for its further development. There are options for monetization, but at the moment I think it is very early to think about it. I give as an example that not everything is just in words.

PS: I want to immediately cut off those who say: A-but the dude wants everything done for free, and then he will kick out people, etc. No and no again. I am not interested in employees. It costs me nothing to hire a freelance to make a design, layout, order an engine or buy a ready-made one. Then put it all together and run. This is the end of it, I just need like-minded people who are ready to develop projects, to participate in their "life", expansion, filling, so that it does not become one of the dead projects lying in the vastness of Kaznet. And if sometime, any of the projects starts to generate income, it will be the total income for all of its participants who participated in its creation and development.

PPS: These are just a couple of sentences of all their thoughts. If Kaznetovtsam likes and will respond, I am ready to share further. Interesting, many users from Kazakhstan on Habré? Does anyone have statistics?

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