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SWRUS-KIEV 2010: Internet business to be discussed on September 25, 26 near Kiev

September 25, 26, Kiev will host the SWRUS-KIEV 2010 conference. This annual event is already taking place for the 5th time. This year the conference will be held at the recreation center in Koncha-Zaspa near Kiev.

The conference is dedicated to shareware, startups and small Internet business in general. In addition to the usual issues of marketing, promotion, SEO, monetization, methods of receiving money, this year's hit discussion will be the topic “Is there life after the death of the adoption of the new Tax Code of Ukraine”.

Unlike, for example, iForum, SWRUS-KIEV is held with a much smaller number of people and in an atmosphere of "friendly gatherings". Conference rooms are smaller, you can hear better, to communicate and get acquainted is easier.

This year, participation in the conference is free for everyone, so all businessmen are invited to those who are interested in the topic of Internet business and have something to say about this.

You can register and explore the map right now:

Registration on the site is a must! Please carefully consider this requirement! Registration "on the spot" is not provided, regardless of the person.

PS The final schedule has not yet been approved, so if you have an interesting topic and you want to make a report or be a participant in the round table, write to the conference organizers.

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