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Competition for developers on OS Bada with a prize pool of $ 70,000

Samsung Ukraine has organized the Samsung bada Developer Challenge Ukraine competition in which Ukrainian programmers can compete in creating interesting mobile bada applications. At the same time, the remuneration for the work promises to be more than worthy - the prize fund of the contest is $ 70,000, and the 20 lucky finalists will additionally receive the magnificent Samsung S8500 Wave smartphone as a gift.

As you know, Samsung has made a serious bet on the smartphone market, moreover, it has developed its own mobile operating system, called Bada. Of course, its own OS offers many benefits: full control over the system makes it possible to independently determine when the new Bada smartphones enter the market and their characteristics, without regard to other manufacturers of system software, as happens when using third-party Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile systems . However, any, even the most advanced platform, will not be demanded by the market, it will not become popular without having a wide range of software: useful utilities, multimedia and entertainment programs. Therefore, literally since the announcement of Bada, Samsung has made considerable efforts to popularize its OS among programmers, in order to create the widest range of user applications for Bada. And the efforts are felt - at the time of the release of the first bada-smartphone Wave, hundreds of applications for the new platform were already presented on the SamsungApps resource.
But ... it can never be enough, because everyone is invited to take part in a competition for developers.
You can find out the details of the competition at developer.bada.com/challenge/main.do?menu=CM01010000®ionID=L000000015&mtb1=&mtb2 .


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