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Electronic books capture the Russian market

It is known that in America the market of electronic reading rooms and books is developing at a tremendous pace. In Russia, everything is not happening so quickly and efficiently, but still some companies are trying to develop their business in this direction. So, today it became known that 2 Russian e-book stores decided to release their own reading rooms:

1. The well-known Ozon , together with MTS , announced the "Russian Kindle", called Ozon Galaxy. It will be built 3G-module with a SIM card, which will allow users to buy books, wherever they are. Access to the store Ozon promise to make free. The device will be sold for 9999 rubles through Ozon and, in the future, the MTS dealer network.

2. Aymobilka joined the battle for a tasty morsel of the market. At the same Moscow International Book Fair, they plan to show and announce the start of sales of their device called Aichtalka. Wi-Fi module, 2 gigabytes of space and a slot for additional memory. Also promises "a sensitive screen on electronic ink." The device will be sold for 5999 rubles.
This is how Aichtalka looks

The Russian e-book market is developing, which is very nice. Let's see what this will lead to.

UPD On Ozon Galaxy, you can already pre-order

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103210/

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