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On your marks. Attention. CodeFest! Novosibirsk, September 23

CodeFest Today is the first of September, the Day of Knowledge, and there is no reason to announce CodeFest, the coolest developer conference held in Novosibirsk.

Surely many people remember that in May we already took Novosibirsk by storm, having held a DevPoint developer conference. The event was a success, although we made some shortcomings. This time we took into account all the details and decided to give our offspring a new name and a new life.

CodeFest is still designed for developers, project managers and testers. The topics of the September CodeFest will be:The CodeFest program consists of several thematic streams, and among the speakers will be:
Leadership or garden beds
Alexander Orlov, Happy-pm.com
CouchDB: from theory to practice
Victor Bilyk
Flex / Flash GUI Test Automation
Sergey Vysotsky, DataWorks
And other worthy gurus .

It’s no secret that there are a lot of good IT companies with rich life experience in Novosibirsk who really want to share it with others, so in the September version of CodeFest we decided to focus on them and give them the opportunity to share their own experiences. Among such worthy companies: Parallels , Alawar , Xored , Novotelecom , DoubleGIS and others.
The program will also include a mini-reports section, where everyone can give a short presentation on the topic of concern to him. We will write about this section additionally.

And of course, traditional tea, coffee, dance with smooth flowing in afterparty has not been canceled. Moreover, we have allocated a chill-out, where there will be a light snack, a rest area, flipcharts and an additional screen with a projector in case of access if someone wants to speak right there in the chill-out.


City: Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia
Date: September 23, 2010, Thursday
Time: 10: 00—19: 00 (local time)
Location: Siberian Fair, Red Avenue, 220/10
Cost: 850 rubles
Registration: required!
Site: codefest.ru

Come, it will be awesome!

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