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Exmovere presents Exmobaby biosensor pajamas, expected to be available in 2011.


Children's monitors have become quite commonplace in the last 20 years, and they are the most different. Exmovere (a company that previously produced the " Dressed Chariot ") deactivated a new type of monitor that is actually part of a child's pajamas, and which is reported to track heart rate, emotional state and behavior. The clothes, called Exmobaby, use the Zigbee wireless standard, connecting the child and the home wireless network, allowing parents (well, or who are there) to monitor the various states of the child through the icons on their mobile phones. Does it sound tempting? Well, limited sales will begin in 2011, although the price has not yet been announced.

Full press release (in English) can be found in the source.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103195/

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