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Apple will broadcast video from its press conference on apple.com

image Apple has finally done what many of us have been waiting for: the video from Apple’s press conference, which will take place today, on September 1, at 21:00 Moscow time, will be broadcast directly to the company's website.

According to the released press release , you will need a Mac with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Safari, iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 3.0 or higher or iPad to view the video broadcast.

What could such a move mean? It is quite possible that tomorrow Apple will announce the release of a new Apple TV (which may be renamed iTV) with new movie and TV rental features that will not be downloaded to the device’s hard disk, but will be broadcast from the Internet immediately. By broadcasting its press conference, Apple can clearly demonstrate its ability to deliver content to users.
Until today, all people interested in Apple could only read text broadcasts from its press conferences. For several years, I organized such broadcasts on the site macspoon.ru and was going to do it tomorrow. The news of live video made me think about what to do tomorrow. In the end, I decided that tomorrow, as usual, there will be a text translation in Russian on Makspune, since it will still be useful for two reasons: 1) not everyone understands English well by ear, 2) not everyone has a Mac. Leopard, iPhone or iPod touch.

We will also have a good opportunity to check how we will cope with the broadcast in the new conditions: after all, we used to read English-language broadcasts and translated them, but now we will listen to Jobs as well as Engadget or Gdgt on the air.

In general, today at 21:00 Moscow time, go to apple.com for video broadcasting and, if you need a translation or are interested in our comments, on macspoon.ru .

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