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Traditional medicine for American iMobilki

Everyone already knows that the iPhone is a very gentle gadget: it doesn’t like to fall, it doesn’t like autoloading, etc.
But, as it turned out, some of the "problem" can be treated completely handicraft ways. I will tell about two hints from personal experience ...

Problem 1. Charging the iPhone "leaks" too quickly or the phone does not turn off (instead, it stupidly reboots)
Faced this problem even on the iPhone Original (first generation).

- Take a toothbrush and some alcohol;
- turn off the phone (if the body allows itself to be turned off by holding the Power button, then we do it; if the body does not turn off from the Power button, then we try to “severely” turn off the phone while holding Power + Home for 10 seconds at the same time);
- dip the toothbrush in alcohol and carefully clean the 30-pin connector;
- wait for 15-20 minutes, until the alcohol finally dries;
- turn on the phone and most likely solve the problem.
PS In general, cleaning the 30-pin iPhone connector in this way is useful even in the absence of any problems ...

Problem 2. The iPhone spontaneously turns off (regardless of the charge level)
Faced this problem on the iPhone 3GS (most recently). Firmware 4.0.2, body from Italy (Pay & Go).
What happens: when the GSM module is activated (when talking or receiving / sending SMS), the phone suddenly just turns off ...
The solution was looking for a long and hard. Apple forums did not help. As a result, the problem was solved by trial and error!
- gently remove the SIM card;
- thoroughly clean the sim tray itself with alcohol;
- the contact part of the SIM card is also thoroughly cleaned with alcohol, even if visually the SIM card seems to be absolutely clean (I’ll just make a reservation here: I have MTS, you can read a lot of interesting things about the quality of MTS SIM cards online);
- we return the sim card to its place and the problem is solved.

How the solution was found:
- when synchronizing the phone to the computer, all the logs are transferred from the phone, including error logs (PC / MAC - not fundamentally);
- on my “seven” I went to C: \ Users \ gogalev \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ Logs \ CrashReporter \ MobileDevice \ iPhone Gogalev 3GS \ Baseband and opened the last file (the file format in the fourth family of firmware changed again and now it’s like this: log-bb-2010-08-29-stats.log);
- having looked at this log, I made sure that the problem occurs exactly during the work of the GSM module;
- first began to sin on the 3G network; disabled; the problem did not dare;
- pulled out a sim card; cleaned it and sim-tray; the problem has disappeared (I have been living without it for 2 weeks already).

If suddenly the problem persists, I'll go change my SIM card ...

So it goes.

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