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We want to be fined for "connecting to prohibited sites"

I quote " Russian news service ":

“The Moscow City Duma proposes penalizing illegal downloading of films from the Internet. According to the deputies, the Ministry of the Interior should track the violators. Providers at the request of the police could provide information about the IP-addresses of users.

As stated by the Moscow City Duma deputy Alexander Milyavsky, a list of sites containing unlicensed content will be compiled. When you connect to the resource from the blacklist, the user will be sent a fine of up to 5 thousand rubles.
At the same time, the list of prohibited sites will be constantly updated. ”

It was not at all surprised that this citizen belongs to the faction "United Russia" . Pay attention to the positions occupied by this competent person.

It is curious what the appropriate structures will do if any worm works? And opens up with thousands of IP "forbidden sites"? Put on the counter thousands of innocent citizens?

Well, or IFRAME, or just a small “zeropixel” from the site from this list will be placed somewhere in LiveJournal or Vkontakte?

And this is really interesting:


It seems that this explains a lot in the “anti-piracy activity” of the deputy.

Got the eye of such a comment: "quote from the forum:
this is a setup, he doesn’t know anything about it, (a friend works as a private secretary in Moscow Duma, says he was indignant at such a statement in the press) "

Well, I did not meet the official refutation. I would be glad to consider media reports to be untrue, but the entire political path of a well-known party to everyone, all of its initiatives, all PR moves, you know what you are talking about.

Lyrical digression

Everything written below is an artistic invention, the action takes place on a fictional planet, any coincidences with real people and organizations are random.

One person thought: “Sometimes you do not understand with whom you are dealing, with assholes or with scoundrels. The fact that assholes offer for incompetence, scoundrels can offer, for example, to implement censorship.

Why do people issuing such proposals find themselves in the power to regulate areas that they absolutely do not understand? Because it does not need to understand this. It is enough to figure out how to come to power, ”was what one person thought .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103185/

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