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Angry Birds Beta for Android


Hooray! Finally, what everyone has been waiting for has been accomplished. The Android version of the most popular arcade game for the iPhone, "Angry Birds" , is coming out. In a nutshell, the point of the game is to save the eggs of poor birds, stolen by evil pigs. You need with the help of these same birds to destroy harmful pigs that are hiding in the kind of barricades of stones, boxes, wooden and glass beams, and more. I myself played this game on the iPad and for a long time I could not digress. The game is really worth it! Now it will also be available to users of Android devices. To make it clearer what is the point of the game, here is the promotional video of the iphone version:

And now the most important thing! Anyone who registers on the official website android.angrybirds.com will be able to get an invite to a massive beta test that will begin this Friday.

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