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Aymobilka announces hardware Achitalku

Aichtalka will be announced at the Moscow Book Fair at the All-Russia Exhibition Center.

Here is an excerpt from the message:

The book is in electronic ink, but with a sensitive screen. It weighs nothing at all, but with an mp3 player. It has a full-fledged wifi module that allows you to go online and watch any sites directly from Aichtalki - although it’s strange to do it on a black and white small screen nowadays. But there will be a special program, a back door to the Aymobilko store, through which it will be possible to buy books and immediately read them. If you are boring and you need technical details, then in “Aychitalka” there are two gigabytes of memory, a card slot and the ability to fill in any books - not just ours (although if you think about who may need it when there is Aymobilko?)
The main thing is the price. Aichtalka will cost 5999 rubles, almost two times cheaper than the nearest analogues.

It is unclear on which platform Aichitalka is implemented, but judging by the price, it will be a good competitor to existing solutions.

update. as lashtal correctly noted, it looks like it: wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/EGriver_Touch
it is produced by some Indian company CTA: www.ctaindia.asia/index_files/Page319.htm

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103175/

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