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Flashing HTC Hero with official Android 2.1 installed

In this topic, I want to share my experience installing custom firmware on the already officially updated via FOTA to Android 2.1 HTC Hero.

A little background

A couple of months ago, tired of waiting for the official update with Android 2.1 for my HTC Hero with the Ukrainian locale, which was purchased in Minsk from the operator Velcom, I tried to figure out how to install an alternative firmware? However, the abundance of poorly structured material, several unsuccessful attempts, as well as conflicting reviews about the experience of using flash phones, discourage me from deeper understanding of this issue.

As a result, I waited for the official update in June and updated. I was not stopped by warnings that the update will close a vulnerability that allows you to install a modified Recovery and, as a result, custom firmware. However, I was sure that there was no reception against scrap and sooner or later, but a way would be found.
As a result, I was the lucky owner of HTC Hero with Android 2.1 on board for 2 months, and now I am no less happy owner of the same phone, with the same firmware (99%) and root!

What did I need root for? First of all, to access paid applications in the market using Market Access, well, it attracted a couple of useful applications that required root to be installed.

I decided to first upgrade to the official, but root firmware. To begin with, this is enough, in my opinion. Time will tell if I need custom firmware like MoDaCo, VillainROM, 7Hero, etc.

In this place I have to warn you that the method described below has been verified by me personally and works without problems with my specific copy of the phone. However, in the case of the execution of this instruction, all responsibility for the possible consequences for your device you bear yourself! I am not a specialist in flashing Android-based devices or any other, but just sharing my personal experience.

Remember also that after performing the flashing procedure, you will lose the warranty of the service center.


Recovery is a system partition that contains tools for: firmware, creating backup copies, restoring from backup copies, etc.

Wipe - this is a complete reset of the settings (similar to Hard Reset on WM). This clears the folders / data and / cache, i.e. all installed applications are deleted, all system settings are reset.

Scalpel, sister!

Directly the flashing procedure took about 10 minutes (without taking into account the preliminary study of manuals and experiments) and consisted of several simple steps:
  1. Preparation of the necessary software.
  2. Download phone with a modified Recovery.
  3. Create backup.
  4. Reset phone settings.
  5. Installing custom firmware.

Preparation of the necessary software

  1. Download the utility HeroGSM21Root .
  2. Download the Hero_HTC_RUS_3.32.411.1-rooted2 distribution kit or whatever you want to install. Read more about it here .
  3. Copy the Hero_HTC_RUS_3.32.411.1-rooted2 distribution kit to the root of the memory card.

Download phone with modified Recovery

  1. Turn on the USB debugging mode in the phone. Menu> Settings> Applications> Development> USB debugging (debug mode with USB connection) .
  2. Connect the phone via USB cable to the computer and select the mode Only charge (charge the phone via USB) .
  3. Unpacking HeroGSM21Root on a C drive (for example, C: / HeroGSM21Root)
  4. We start the Windows console. Start> Run> cmd .
  5. Go to the console in the HeroGSM21Root folder by running the cd C: \ HeroGSM21Root command .
  6. Run the boot process of the modified Recovery. In the console, run the runindos.bat command.
  7. We are waiting for the completion of the script. When finished, the following message appears in the console:
    "Files copied and permissions set, rebooting HTC Andriod 2.1"
    "Your phone will now reboot into normal mode, then reboot into recovery mode. I
    f it does not reboot the second time, wait 10 minutes and manually reboot and be
    gin again."
    "Your phone is now rebooting in Rooted Recovery mode, do a backup and load your

  8. The phone will reboot 1 time, without a full load of the OS. Then a second reboot will occur and the Android system recovery interface with root rights will appear on the screen.

Create backup

  1. Select the menu item Backup / Restore .
  2. Select the menu item Create Nandroid backup to create a full backup of the system.
  3. To the question of the system Create Nandroid backup? Press the Home button to confirm the creation of a backup.
  4. A copy of the system image will be saved on sd card / nandroid .
  5. Successful completion of the backup will be confirmed by the message Backup complete! .
  6. After creating a backup copy of the system, click the Back button to exit to the main menu Android system recovery .

Reset phone settings

Basically, skipping this step will save all your phone settings, installed applications, and more. However, the correct operation of installed applications may be disrupted.
  1. Select the Wipe menu item.
  2. Select the Wipe data / factory reset menu item to reset the system state to the factory settings.
  3. On the question of the Wipe data and cache system, click the Home button to confirm the reset of the system state to the factory settings.
  4. Successful completion of the system state reset to factory settings will be confirmed by the Data wipe complete message . .
  5. After resetting the system to the factory settings, click the Back button to exit to the main menu Android system recovery .

Installing custom firmware

  1. Select the menu item Flash zip from sdcard to select the image of the firmware to be installed.
  2. The system will offer a choice of all the firmware that you previously downloaded to the flash drive. In my case, this is Hero_HTC_RUS_3.32.411.1-rooted2.zip .
  3. Using the trackball, select the desired image and click on it to confirm the selection.
  4. To the question of the Install: SDCARD system: Hero_HTC_RUS_3.32.411.1-rooted2.zip? Press the Home button to confirm the installation of the selected system image on the phone.
  5. Successful completion of the installation of the selected system image will be confirmed by the message Install from sdcard complete.
  6. Select the menu item Reboot system now to restart the phone.

All the described experience of flashing HTC Hero was obtained using numerous materials on the forum site w3bsit3-dns.com .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103172/

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