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How not to write business letters: give two

A year ago, I already published the bestseller " How not to publish business letters ." And now, obviously, it's time for the sequel: today in my habraposhta there was a remake of the show called "The offer that cannot be refused-2."

Since then, a new growth of effective managers, enterprising startups and other freeloaders of all stripes has grown - they have mastered the new techniques, tricky moves and completely lost the sense of proportion.

So, at 6:49 PM, I received a letter from the post office with the familiar title “We want to hire you”:
Dude, I'm creating a project,
I can cooperate with you exactly half a year, you get% (agree) from the company's earnings on this project.
I have a question - you have experience editing sites on CMS drypal
And more than you can help from the above
* Creating a video about the company
* Website reconstruction on CMS
*Web design
Something other

Fourteen minutes later, the Author of the Interesting Suggestion changed his mind, and realized that Business Letters did not write like that. And without further ado sent me the second option:

Hello! At the moment I am creating a project in which I am looking for partners.
I can cooperate with you exactly half a year, you get% (agreed) from the company's earnings on this project.
Questions about your opportunities:
* HTML site reconstruction
* Creating a video about the company
* Site reconstruction on CMS (in particular on Drypal)
*Web design
Something other?

PS The success of the project is not ensured, but if you agree, you can make money on it, and me and you.

What has changed since the last time ?

The nature of the mailing. Last time, the letters were sent to anyone who had the word "editor" in their profile. This time, as you see, there were no such silly conventions. A business man has no time to read other people's profiles, even if a resume is posted there - let the person himself answer the questions about what he can do and what kind of business he belongs to. Very clever marketing trick, I'm doing it.

The nature of the appeal. In order not to be mistaken in the style of communication - go and figure out who the "dude" is, and who the "you" is - two letters at once, for every taste and style. Very clever marketing trick, I'm doing it. In the spirit of the well-known Uzbek virus - choose which letter for you.

And for greater solidity you need to represent yourself in the plural. A strange similarity of thoughts with the hero of last year - in both cases, ONE person informed me that some WE wanted to hire me.

Honesty. The best policy is to immediately report that "The success of the project is not ensured, but if you agree, then you can make money on it." And then I could, after all, throw everything off!

Age. A year ago, I wrote a man with a year of birth 1984, this year - 1995 release. Well, business is getting younger, innovations on the march are a positive trend, Dmitry Anatolyevich will be pleased. These are needed in Skolkovo!

That's just not getting better literacy. But what, in essence, is nothing - Drupal or Dripal, when the Project is offered to you? Yes, even for the whole six months.

The author, by the way, comes from Arkhangelsk (almost a countryman), has his own company (or rather, its not working company site and — param-pam-pam! —The company's blog on Habré). Free test month taxis. But this dude just will not blur the theme of the site;)

Links, of course, I will not give any. But I sent a link to this topic with a response letter to my counterpart. Wants fame - he will appear in the comments.

Honest, young and business employer. No one needs?

The boy went to success

Well, in order to round out the story, a small update: just got an answer from the support about this comrade - “The user is blocked, the company card is deleted”. The question is closed.

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