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Use voice in Chromium 7

Another interesting new product in the Chromium project is going to please us guys from Google - speech recognition function. This will be useful when using Google's Voice Search technology, which has taken root on modern smartphones and not only. At the moment there is only a small demonstration of the work of the future function - a voice translator from English to French, built using the Google Translate API.

To test the function does not even need to enter any special commands. It is enough to have the latest dev-build of Chromium , a microphone, a Windows or Mac system and, in fact, an open demo page.

So far, the translator perceives only English speech and translates it into French. But this is just a demonstration of technology, so that a bright future, where everything in the house is controlled by voice through the main computer, is not far off.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103158/

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