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Orange sound

It’s no secret that choosing a stereo for a stationary computer is a serious matter. Many approach it with great responsibility, because you need to choose the size, color, convenient volume control, playback quality and many more parameters.

Today I want to tell and show a rather interesting model of columns 2.1. I think it will appeal to those who like bright colors in design, and good quality in sound.

Model Defender Avante X35. As usual, first a little dry information about the technical characteristics.

And now let's move on, so to speak, to sensations.

Design and execution

The speakers and subwoofer are made of solid wood, the front panel is glossy (lacquered), the rest is matte and rough. The speakers are framed with orange plastic, which will bring bright notes to any design of the desktop. The height of the columns is small, but more standard, so you need to carefully take the measurements of the place where you want to put them.

They create an interesting composition and look good with many black glossy computer accessories.

The speakers are connected to the subwoofer using an RCA jack and the same jacks are provided with a 3.5mm jack wire, which is already inserted into the computer.

And the subwoofer itself looks almost like speakers, but a bit more.

Separately, I want to note the wired remote control. It is also made in black and orange style, permanently attached to the subwoofer and has several important functions.
Firstly, this is the mute button, which is useful if you need to urgently turn off the music, if, for example, they ring. Secondly - the volume control. And in the third - a 3.5mm jack in which you can plug in headphones. The length of the wire is about 1 meter, so that the regulator can be brought to the table and the subwoofer placed under the table.

Bottom on the columns there are rubber stickers so that they do not slide on the surface.


Of course, the most important thing in any speakers is sound, and I’ll tell you about it.
In general, the sound is very good, and loud and loud, so to speak. Noises appear at maximum volume, especially where there is a powerful bass. So, scaring a bunch of people under the window with Rammstein's high-quality sound does not work, but the volume is enough.

The sound is fairly clean, at least in an apartment in standard conditions it sounds very good, and naturally, better than the default small speakers. A sub at high volume is hammering so that everything jumps on the table and you yourself begin to vibrate. So, the bass level. But…

The subwoofer is powerful, but it has one drawback, and quite significant. On the subwoofer, you can not change the bass level, that is, if you listen not through a computer, where you can adjust the bass in the player, but through a TV or portable player, problems may arise. Bass is reduced only if you reduce the sound through the remote control. Behind the subwoofer, only 2 wires: power and remote control, as well as a button to turn off the entire system.


This set of Avante X35 is around 2000 p., Which is quite inexpensive for the 2.1 system. In its price niche, the design of these columns is one of the most interesting, and not everyone has the console.



+ Design
+ Remote control
+ Sound quality


- Custom sizes
- Lack of bass adjuster

Summing up, I would like to say that in general this system is made on 4+, beautiful, interesting, bright. The sound level at altitude. Yes, there are downsides, they upset, but they do not spoil the impression. And the price, to put it mildly, pleases. So, if the design of the table has bright accents, or vice versa, I want to bring them, and even enjoy the good sound, then this model is what we need. And the remote control pleases, especially the mute button.

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